2023 Election: Fulani Group Rejects Miyetti Allah’s Statement on Obi

Peter Obi

The Coalition of Fulbe Professionals in Africa, a professional group, disavowed a statement said to have been made by Alhaji Alhasan Salah, National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, who has embarked on a smear campaign against Labour Party’s presidential candidate Peter Obi. The group described the move as ‘politically motivated.’

The organisation urged Nigerians to ignore any statement from Miyetti Allah Kauta Hore, asserting that the group did not represent the Fulani people or speak for them in any way.

Alhasan, in an interview with a national newspaper, declared that Obi would not receive Fulani nation backing because he is not only a tribal bigot but also because he dislikes the North and by extension, the Fulani tribe.

Miyetti Allah does not consider Obi to be among the viable candidates for the upcoming elections. We are certain about those we cannot support. Anyone who supports Obi or OBIdient must be interrogated, because he may not be a true son of the soil.

“Obi represents the Biafran interest. So, we know those we cannot vote for and those that cannot be President of Nigeria. He is a tribal bigot,” he said.

However, the COFPIA, in a declaration signed by its National President, Mohammed Gidado, and Secretary, Mairo Modibo Hajiya, asserted that while they acknowledged their right to express their opinions and thoughts, they did not think that they had the right to express the thoughts of the entire Fulani community in Nigeria, as they had not met their expectations.

COFPIA said Fulbe people all over Nigeria “will not be binded by that politically sponsored statement of Miyetti Allah.”

We have been made aware of an unpatriotic, sectional, godless, and senseless declaration made by Alhajji Hassan Saleh, the National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, one of our brothers, which is undoubtedly responsible for the poor reputation Fulani people have in Nigeria.

“The Fulbe all over Nigeria will not be binded by that politically sponsored statement of Miyetti Allah anymore.

“The Fulani people are wise now and cannot be used as tools of extortion and religious sentiment any more. We will enlighten our people to vote for competence and capacity come 2023. We will never vote for any candidate who has nothing to offer. We have gone far beyond religious and ethnic sentiments.

“We will vote for a President that will tackle poverty and acute hunger that have held our people hostage for so long. We will vote for a President that will fight insecurity with every commitment and unbiased mind, no matter who is involved.

Instead of attacking Peter Obi for helping Nigeria out of its current state of helplessness, Miyetti Allah should focus on redeeming the bad image they have created for Fulani people in Nigeria.

“We wish to also make it categorically clear that we have not endorsed Obi or any presidential candidate in the forth-coming general election and we are not Obi’s mouthpiece, but it is wrong for our people to continue to brand Peter Obi as a tribal bigot and that he doesn’t like the North. Available data has shown Obi as an ardent nationalist that believes in the unity of Nigeria.

It is imperative that the Miyetti Allah Kauta Hore only represents themselves, rather than deceiving Nigerians into believing that they represent the entire Fulani people.

“They lack the moral, spiritual, and religious rights to speak for the entire Fulani people in Nigeria, especially when they have reduced themselves to tribal bigots that has no regards for other tribes and faiths.

Nigerians are determined to vote for the person they think is best suited for the job, and they will not be distracted by selfish concerns or threats.

“As the campaigns begins, we will inform and educate all Fulani, young and old, in every ruga and town so that we are not misled by Miyetti Allah Kauta Hore or similar organisations.”