2023 Election: Why Peter Obi Will Become Nigerian President

peter obi

It’s no longer news that Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State and presidential aspirant, has again become a serious contender for the Nigerian presidency. His emergence is not necessarily because of the many years he spent as governor or his wealth.

Rather, it’s because of his consistency, integrity and character as a human being. We can easily discern that Mr. Obi is a principled man who will not sway from his ideals even in the face of opposition or temptation. As such, we have no doubt that he will make an excellent president. Here are some reasons why we believe so:

He is transparent and highly ethical.

Peter Obi is one of the most transparent and ethical persons you can find in Nigeria today. He has remained that way through his entire political career. He has never been in any scandal or controversy. We believe that is one of the reasons why he has such a huge following.

During his term as governor of Anambra State, the state government under his leadership was ranked first among the other 36 state governments in terms of transparency and accountability.

In fact, he was the only Nigerian governor who had his contract terminated by the Federal Government on account of his high degree of transparency and integrity.

He will restore the dignity of Nigeria as a nation.

We can deduce from the fact that Peter Obi has maintained a high standard of excellence in his career that he will bring back the dignity that has been lost in recent times. He will set the tone for the country to be governed by the rule of law, not the rule of men.

His track record shows that he has never bowed to pressure from any quarter. He is a man of high integrity and impeccable character. He is a person who will uphold the rule of law and protect every Nigerian, irrespective of tribe, region, or religion.

He will tackle corruption, especially in the police force.

Peter Obi understands the need to tackle corruption head-on. Many people would not want to be associated with a leader who is not ready to fight corruption in all its forms. One of the major problems affecting Nigeria is corruption in the police department.

Bribery and extortion are two of the terrible symptoms of the disease called corruption. Peter Obi, as a president, will not only acknowledge the problem, but also be ready to take the necessary steps to eradicate it. Not only that, but he will make sure that those responsible for the mess are also brought to book.

He’s a wildly successful entrepreneur

Peter Obi has a proven track record for building successful businesses and making money for himself and his partners. His most successful venture, was the chairman of Fidelity Bank before leaving the position to enter politics. He reportedly brought in thousands of jobs that was a huge boost to the Anambra economy.

A shrewd businessman, he has also made investments in real estate, oil and gas, and telecommunications. If elected president, Obi will be able to draw on his years of experience in both the public and private sectors to manage Nigeria’s economy, which is currently in a state of disarray.

He will create more jobs for Nigerians.

Peter Obi is aware of the fact that the youth of today are the future of tomorrow. They need to be empowered and given the chance to contribute their quota to the progress of the country.

However, the present government has failed to do this. But Peter Obi has promised to rectify the situation when he becomes president. He has promised to create 2 million jobs for Nigerians in five years. This is something we look forward to.

He has a lot of support from the people

Obi’s primary appeal lies in the fact that he is a common man. He is not a member of the ‘elite’ and as such, he is not perceived to be in the pockets of the rich and powerful.

He has built a reputation for himself as a populist figure capable of connecting with the people, and has been vocal about the need to fight corruption and change the status quo in Nigerian politics.

In addition to this, Obi has also built a reputation for being philanthropic and charitable in nature. He has been involved in a number of social projects in Nigeria including the Peter Obi Foundation, a charitable organization that supports the education of Nigerian children. If elected president, there is no doubt that his philanthropic efforts would extend to all Nigerians.

His platform is certainly promising

Obi’s platform for the presidency is built around 10 pillars: Security, health, housing, education, jobs, agriculture, energy, digital transformation, governance and corruption.

He has spoken at length about what he intends to do if elected president, and we believe that he has the necessary experience, skills and temperament to make these promises a reality. We recommend reading through Obi’s campaign manifesto here.


There are many more reasons why Peter Obi will become president of Nigeria. The above listed reasons are just a few of them. We believe that Mr. Obi has what it takes to lead Nigeria to greatness.

He has the passion, commitment, and vision to change our country not only for the better, but also for the best.

All we need to do is to vote wisely. We believe that Peter Obi will make an excellent president. He has the passion, commitment, and vision to change our country not only for the better, but also for the best. All we need to do is to vote wisely.

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