Insecurity: Onitiri Urges Buhari To Seek Foreign Help To Tackle Insecurity

Seek Foreign Help To Tackle Insecurity Now

Chief Adesunbo Onitiri


Chief Adesunbo Onitiri, an active socio-political activist and critic, has requested President Buhari to seek foreign assistance in addressing the insecurity problems currently plaguing the nation. Onitiri believes that seeking foreign help immediately is crucial in order to let Nigerians sleep in peace and harmony.

He said that the president must act quickly to save the country from continuous assaults by bandits and terrorists.

Onitiri issued a strongly-worded statement to the press in Lagos yesterday, pleading for an end to President Buhari’s administration. He believes that the administration has failed Nigerians greatly and that the only thing it can do to help the country is asking for assistance and prepare for an early election.

“A government that cannot protect the lives and property of its citizens has no business remaining in power,” he said firmly.

The administration has been overwhelmed by bandits and terrorists, who have kidnapped, killed, crippled, and extorted money from innocent Nigerians with brazen audacity as if there were no government in place.

Every day, we hear reports of our young people, women, and citizens being raped, maimed, and murdered, and our government pretends as if nothing has happened.

According to Onitiri, the fact that students have been out of school for over five months while the country is at war with bandits is unacceptable to Nigerians. All our higher institutions are under lock and key,” he said.

He frowned at the military for allegedly failing to protect Nigerians. We don’t know if we still have any armed or security forces, he said.

It was unfortunate that the Kuje prison and the Kaduna military formations attacks were sour in the mouth, Onitiri said. “Our nation’s sovereignty has been undermined.”

The security situation in the country has deteriorated to the point that bandits and terrorists now claim to be able to kidnap our President and state leaders.

The bandit attacks on the Brigade of Guards at Aso Rock, which was unheard of, concerned the socio-political activist because he was worried that the bandits were becoming emboldened.

Urgent, drastic measures must be taken to save the country from destruction, he said, by declaring a state of emergency on insecurity.

It’s very shameful for Nigeria as a nation to see bandits and terrorists holding press conferences in the open, he said. He noted that top government dignitaries are now attending a ceremony honouring and turbaning them in Zamfara state.

OOnitiri said it is a double standard for the APC government that the IPOB leader was kidnapped in far away Kenya while Yoruba freedom fighter Sunday Igboho was arrested in the Benin Republic. However, it could not apprehend the most wanted and notorious bandits in Zamfara.

In response, he raised two pertinent queries: Is there still a patriotic Nigerian Army? Is our National Assembly still on the side of Nigerians?


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