Many APC senators have bowed to Buhari’s impeachment – Fadahunsi said.



A lawmaker representing Osun East Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Francis Fadahunsi, has said that many All Progressives Congress (APC) members conceded to the impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Naija News reported On Wednesday, ten legislators left the red chamber during the proceedings after Senate President Ahmad Lawan dismissed a resolution on security.

Fadahunsi said that many legislators have come to see reasons to impeach Buhari, compared to when he first raised the issue two years ago, speaking with journalists in his office shortly after the plenary session.

All but a handful of APC senators agreed to serve President Buhari with an impeachment notice at a closed-door meeting on Wednesday, according to the legislator.

He mentioned: “Keep in mind I moved this motion two years in the past that this President could offer nothing and that he should step aside. However, the APC then, floating in the Atlantic Ocean didn’t understand what I was saying. Now that the harmful Atlantic Ocean is sweeping them and so they have overtaken even Abuja, they’re steadily seeing reasons.

“We decided at a close door session that an impeachment notice should be passed on him, but because somebody is still busy trying to protect his job, it was not possible”.

“Today, during the executive meeting, all of us agreed, that the man should be served an impeachment notice. Almost all the APC Senators conceded that the man should be served, except a few.

“By the time we come back, that is, if all of us will come back; that is, if some of us are not inflicted by the insecurity; we would all come together, regardless of our political affiliations, and ask that he should go.”

Senator Fadahunsi, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Customs and Trade and Investment, is dismayed at the failure of Nigeria’s security officials to act decisively.

The senior lawmaker criticized the country’s security officials for not doing enough to protect the population. The Generals are acquiring homes, and soldiers are making money. Some of them lack the idea of what to do with the money, and some of them are establishing universities and hotels.

“Every time we invite them, they complain of a shortage of funds and we’d at all times approve cash for them. So, they’ve now acquired a lot of money.

“Have you heard that anyone was arrested for causing these issues? Those few people who were arrested were also blown out of Kuje prisons and are now causing more havoc. These people clearly know what they are doing.”

The legislator warned that the nation’s condition would deteriorate if Buhari was not removed from power as the president.

The way things are going, this country will slide into militocracy if the man in power is not ejected from Aso Villa,” he said.

“Thirty of his brigade’s soldiers are missing, and the brigade commander has been killed. If he goes and someone comes in, the person would understand the language”.

“At a point, El-Rufai who was part of those who brought them came out openly and confessed that the only way to eliminate them is to attack their hideouts and kill all of them, including those who are mediating. But who will give the order?

“So, somebody that can’t give the order for this clampdown ought to give away and allow another person to take the lead.


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